Husband Becomes a Silent Desire Even With a Model Wife in His 20s

image text translation

(1)Park Sang-joon 37 Private Business
(2)Cho Yoon-ji 29 Free Model
(3)an eight-year gap
(4)A beautiful couple!
(5)My wife thought she was learning Latin dance
(6)After you insert it
(7)Park Sang-joon 37 Personal Business Waist Excellent
(8)Cho Yoonji 29. Pre Adventure
(9)Good. A rising star
(10)Q. What’s memorable with my wife
(11)Do you have any special sex
(12)I think it’s different when my husband did it in the car in the winter
(13)Q. Your first night!
(14)Do you remember the sex of that day
(15)I can’t forget the first night
(16)Wife 2 When I was super excited in bed!
(17)My wife was cursing in English!
(18)At that time, it was really!
(19)Even in a tight dress
(20)I’m standing!!
(21)My wife even did it four times a day in one space!
(22)The couple who used to do it four times a day
(23)What would it be like to be married now
(24)What’s your marital relationship cycle
(25)Yes, I don’t do it often these days
(26)two or three times
(27)Q. What do you think
(28)I don’t know if you think they’re a sexless couple
(29)I don’t know what others are like, but I think it’s kind of like that
(30)I don’t think it’s sexless
(31)My wife is a bit
(32)There’s only a little bit of water
(33)It’s sort of like a mane for a silent bath!
(34)There are few days off. I can’t take a rest at home
(35)a desired husband
(36)Sexless is right or wrong
(37)You gave conflicting opinions
(38)Now that we know each other’s feelings, we need to work hard


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