How a taxi driver gets a high school girl’s number

image text translation

(1)Saving screenshots
(3)Sunday, July 13, 2014
(4)930 p.m
(5)a taxi
(6)Pretty ^^ 931 PM
(7)I’m sorry, but
(8)Please delete my number
(9)935 pm
(11)Call me if there’s anything you want to eat or want
(12)What do you want me to erase your number? 942 PM
(13)We laughed and talked together in the car. 943 PM
(15)What do you want me to erase your number? 942 PM
(16)We laughed and talked together in the car earlier. 943
(17)I can’t do that. 943 p.m
(18)Excited 943pm
(19)You didn’t laugh and talk together, you talked to me one way; it was unpleasant
(20)944 pm
(21)a taxi
(22)Don’t do this. I’ll tell you everything you need
(23)It’s better if you do me a favor
(25)It’s because I want to see your pretty face one more time. 946 pm
(26)Four of us took a taxi today, including my friends and I, and three of them sat in the back seat and I sat in the front seat
(27)But the taxi driver was talking to us, and he kept talking to us. We answered him
(28)But all of a sudden, he was looking in the car looking for his cell phone, and he said he wasn’t there, so he asked me to call him because he’d give him his number. So I called him, but he was taking his cell phone out of his upper pocket and laughing so hard! That’s what you’re doing;;
(29)”I’m so flustered that I know.”
(30)I was just laughing when you asked me if I had a boyfriend, but the guys were behind me saying, “I don’t have a boyfriend~~” and he asked me what my name was, so I was just laughing while laughing, but my friends couldn’t figure out the situation and he’s a guy!!! Laughing like this
(31)So I got off the taxi a long time later, and I got a call from a phone that I didn’t know and I answered it, and you were pretty~~~ He kept calling me like this. I got goosebumps
(32)Hot news at this hour
(33)”The taxi driver is using his cell phone”
(34)You asked me to call you to say you couldn’t find it
(35)Keep in touch with saved numbers


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