The difference between the explanation of the position of the Korean Civilian Office and the explanation of Cho Hyun-young’s short box, Lee Chun

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(1)Modified 17 minutes ago
(2)It’s ridiculous
(3)Two days before the award ceremony, I sent a message like this
(4)I got a call saying that it’s an award ceremony for young people
(5)I heard that influencer will get it
(6)I asked for your help
(7)I went and he hit me in the back of my head
(8)If you look at the poster over there, you might think it’s about coins
(9)And I came home right after the award ceremony
(10)I have nothing to do with WINNER
(11)I said I’d stay still because it doesn’t matter
(12)You’re driving this unverified thing like this
(13)I’m getting angry watching you
(14)GDG, please watch my video Are you talking about coins
(15)I should never see anyone anymore
(16)This is also my fault, so I will close all YouTube channels in a few days
(17)Lastly, Seungjung, don’t try to avoid many people
(18)Turn yourself in and get investigated
(19)Am I involved in your business
(20)Go and find out
(21)← It’s Choi Seungjeong
(22)曲 I’m sorry, but I’m sorry, but I’m sorry

the Korean Government and the People’s Hall

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(1)It’s just Soyeon-ung JUST NIUNYOUNG
(2)Hello, I’m Cho Hyunyoung
(3)I’m writing like this because there’s a comment about me regarding the recent youth pay coin controversy
(4)I participated in the appointment ceremony after receiving a proposal from the Korean Youth Commission to become an honorary ambassador in 2022
(5)At that time, the committee formed an organization in relation to youth policy in the National Assembly
(6)As part of the promotion of youth support activities, he offered me an ambassador
(7)Being a controversial ambassador for young people’s pay
(8)It’s not true
(9)The ambassador position I was offered is the Korea Youth Commission
(10)I was a goodwill ambassador
(11)Moreover, he served as an ambassador for the Youth Committee after the appointment ceremony, participating in a lecture on creating jobs for young people, and participating in a video message to congratulate the local governor
(12)There were no special activities beyond that, and there were no activities related to Youth Pay at all
(13)It has nothing to do with WINNER’s coin, which is controversial
(14)I don’t even have a chance to meet with everyone involved
(15)and the YouTubers and influencers mentioned together
(16)I’ve never met him in private, and I don’t know his contact information

Cho Hyun Young

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(2)I’m short box Kim Wonhoon and Cho Jinse
(3)I’d like to state my position on the recent controversy over Winners in some communities
(4)As I said in the comments on the channel today, we clearly state that there have been no business or financial discussions or transactions with Choi Seung-jung and other related parties mentioned in the controversy regarding Winners
(5)I got to know Choi Seung-jung, who is currently controversial, through the introduction of an acquaintance and had two short meetings within an hour, which were around a year ago and May 2023, respectively It was burdensome for us too, so we both got up less than an hour later No business financial discussions were held on the spot and no stories related to the coin were mentioned
(6)In the case of a long-term rental car mentioned together, it was introduced through a non-winner who responded to the employee’s request for a commemorative photo, and in the case of the advertisement PPL of a restaurant that is good at fried food in May 2022, it was conducted by the company’s advertising agency through an official route
(7)It’s unfortunate that it’s misunderstood with speculative articles and videos, and I’ll explain everything that fans are curious about as much as anyone else, but please refrain from making excessive speculation and false rumors
(8)Thank you for believing in us and worrying about us

Short box

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(1)← Lee Chun Soo Lee Chun Soo Lee Chun Soo
(2)Hello, I’m Lee Chun Soo
(3)I’m going to state my position on the recent controversy on the Internet
(4)First of all, let me tell you about the part related to the NFT of Lee Chun-soo’s soccer boots, which was issued in August 2021, which is currently controversial, and around April 2021, I was introduced by an acquaintance to me by a junior who was a soccer player
(5)After that, I heard about the GDG company through several meetings, and I heard that the company’s business direction is to combine the holding of soccer youth competitions with NFTsDuring the meeting, Lee Chun-soo’s soccer shoes in GDG Golden Goal
(6)I got a proposal to issue it as an NFT product, and it’s an event, not an auction or ㅅ sale
(7)It’s given through a lottery, so you can only use the initials for the event, and I know that it’s actually given through a lottery
(8)After that, around September 21, when I saw that the GDG company had collaborated on the GDG company’s website and Instagram, I protested to the GDG company, which used unconsulted content without permission, to take down all the contents related to me. After accepting this issue and taking down all the posts, GDG has not engaged in any business collaboration with the company
(9)Therefore, I clearly state that there is no relationship between the above inside and outside regarding GDG, which has recently been discussed, and that there is no relationship between the coins issued by AGDG
(10)At the first meeting, I took a picture without realizing it, and Lee Chunsoo, who was in the group chat room, said, “I’ll do my best.”

Two thousand

Han Min-kwan looks really angry C, C, C, C

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