What happens when you quit flour

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(1)To take a look at what happens when you quit flour
(2)What happens when you quit flour
(4)If you stop eating flour, your body will change
(5)Organize in chronological order

image text translation

(1)1 times the pain disappears and my stomach feels really comfortable
(2)2 Less acne and better skin
(3)3. I feel refreshed in the morning without feeling down
(4)4 Every time I pass the bakery snack bar, it makes me sad
(5)6 The personality gets worse and the joy of life disappears
(6)7 I found that there is no flour in macaroons or cream broules
(7)8 I found out that rice cake is 100 rice
(8)9 You’re going to add instant noodles instead of ramen noodles
(9)I realized that the problem with my belly fat was not flour
(10)It changes like this
(11)Laughing. Laughing


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