Many office workers are surprised because they’ve never felt it before

image text translation

(2)Beep beep – It’s normal!
(3)Because of people
(4)I get angry often
(5)work at a company If you look at it
(6)How can I
(8)in spite of one’s resentment
(9)Curse it
(10)I don’t like it
(12)Beep beep – It’s normal!
(13)I can hate you!!
(14)Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep
(15)I know. I want to know
(16)That’s what I’m saying
(17)I didn’t do this!
(19)I’m sick and tired of it!!
(21)That person
(23)It’s normal!
(24)I hope I die
(25)It’s an award!
(26)That’s what I thought
(28)Beep beep
(29)To this extent
(30)Beep Beep Beep – Normal
(31)I don’t want to be held up by evil
(32)Oh, I can do it
(33)118 thousand
(34)I realized that!
(35)I’m at the company
(37)Get into the baby’s gutter!!!
(38)a burst of water
(39)I don’t want to come out as a blue gungdae!
(40)I’m at the company!!
(41)Blue gung-deung-deung-deung-deung-deung


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