A female employee at the company said, “Karina is the same if she’s over 30.” ”

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(1)Life itself is 11 minutes away
(2)A female employee of our company said that Karina will become the same if she is over 30. Other male employees are evaluating that it is nonsense
(3)Actress in her 30s in 23 years
(4)Kim Ji-won 30 years old Park Kyu-young 30 years old BUREAU Park Eun-bin 30 years old
(5)Lee Ji-eun 30 years old Lee Se-young 30 years old Im Jin-ah 31 years old
(6)Kwon Nara 32 years old Kim Go-eun 32 years old Pyo Ye-jin 31 years old
(7)Jo Bo-ah, 32 years old, 33 years old, 33 years old, Kang Sora, 33 years old
(8)Kim Tae-ri 33-year-old Park Boyoung 33-year-old Park Shin-hye 33-year-old
(9)Shin Se-kyung 38
(10)Baek Jin-hee, 33 years old. Shin Hye-sun, 33 years old
(11)Isom 33 years old,ie Claire Im Yoon-ah 33 years old,Lee Sung-kyung 33 years old
(12)Cha Cha-young, 33 years old, Im Ji-yeon, 33 years old, Kim Hee-ra, 34 years old
(13)Jeon Yeo-bin 34-year-old Jeong So-min 34-year-old Kyung Soo-jin 35-year-old
(14)Park Ha-sun 35-year-old Kim Ok-bin 36-year-old Kim Kyu-sun 35-year-old
(15)Oh Yeon-seo 36-year-old Cheon Woo-hee 36-year-old Moon Chae-won 36-year-old
(16)Park Min-young, 36 years old, Seo Hyun-jin, 36 years old, Han Hyo-joo, 36 years old
(17)Lee Da-hee 38 years old Hwang Jeong-eum 38 years old Han Ye-ri 38 years old
(18)Seo Jihye, 39 years old. Shinmin, 39 years old


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