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(1)They’re from Southeast Asia
(2)She’s in her mid-20s. She’s pregnant
(3)My mother-in-law is the first child in the family
(4)You like it, but I’m so proud and upset that I’m watching you
(5)Dongseo says he can’t smell food because he has morning sickness, but on holidays, he’ll be lying at his in-laws’ house without cooking, and he’ll be next to Dongseo, and the groom’s mother and I will be cooking
(6)I told the groom that I wouldn’t be able to go during the holidays
(7)The groom didn’t go to his mother’s house because he had something to do during the holidays
(8)That’s what they say
(9)My mother said that Dongseo is pretty like a celebrity
(10)Do you like it
(11)I think it’s pretty for Southeast Asia
(12)I’m upset that my mom bought me pajamas for Dongseo. Watermelon
(13)You bought me all the way back and forth
(14)Give me both, give me both, give me neither, give me neither
(15)I don’t know what I’m doing because I’m so narrow-minded and jealous of Dongseo. I hate my mother, I hate the east and west, and I hate the young man
(16)I ate with my in-laws about twice a month
(17)Since there is a pregnant Dong-seo, I want to skip eating and my nephew will be born, but I already don’t want to go to my in-laws
(18)This is a really bad idea, but I thought I was much better than my foreign daughter-in-law
(19)She married, and she changed her position from the moment she had the first child in the family
(20)It hurts my pride
(21)I hope I can be a kind and generous person
(22)The situation is the same as mine
(23)Dongseo got it first
(24)It gets worse when a baby is born
(25)It’s all about babies. Don’t bring a dog
(26)And then the treatment goes to the bottom
(27)The east-west attitude is getting worse
(28)It keeps getting hardI’m still pregnant
(29)I can’t believe I’m a test tube. I’m a test tube
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(31)That’s right. I’m so upset If you’re going to do it
(32)They’ll do everything for us
(33)My parents loved it because my brother had it first. They said they didn’t show it. ^^ My mom called me and I guess she’s pregnant with my brother!! That’s what he said He never called me^^ I didn’t have a baby at the time, so I told him I was going to the hospitalLOL My mom and sister are all annoying
(34)Let’s cheer up a bit more
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(36)If you show too much favoritism, that’s because you’re pregnant
(37)It’s so sad
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(39)I’m getting married. I’m getting married
(40)My father’s accident on a business trip to China for a year
(41)It’s sour
(42)I’m welcoming a Chinese brother
(43)It hasn’t been long since I got married, so the baby goes fast
(44)When I heard that, if I go late even though I’m old
(45)I can’t
(46)and enjoy your honeymoon
(47)I told my in-laws that I was preparing for a test tube
(48)not interested at all
(49)Every time it’s a holiday event, everything is about you
(50)I’m a real cold eater
(51)It’s comforting that you can’t have a wedding or find a house and live with your in-laws
(52)My Chinese brother, who is one year younger than me, has a big cultural gap, so I can’t talk to him. Every time I go to my in-laws
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(54)I know. If you’re going to buy me one, I’ll buy you both
(55)I’m disappointed. Cheer up ^^
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(57)I understand how you feel Jealousy for the East and West
(58)Don’t say it.
(59)Your wish won’t come true
(60)The word “jealousy” means feeling sad
(61)It’s a waste of work to put it on I’m also moved by the news of my co-workers’ family’s pregnancy
(63)I thought this was jealousy when I heard it, but their pregnancy
(64)I didn’t hate it at all. I was in my situation
(65)It was painful because it felt harder, Jill
(66)a completely different kind of sadness from fighting
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