an old man who forgets his age and enjoys surfing

image text translation

(3)3 Yangyang Strainer of Useful Sickness
(4)I found someone who looks like a senior in life
(5)Enjoying YANGYANG
(6)You live in this neighborhood
(7)at a bar nearby
(8)a resident who enjoys surfing during the day
(9)It’s our 3rd year this year
(10)When did you start learning how to surf
(11)Enjoying the show of useless pride
(12)Oh, us too
(13)It’s not too late
(14)Surfers’ laughter
(15)> How old are you
(16)I’m 39 years old
(17)3 YANGYANG’s fun
(18)NSIDE 20 years old
(19)I’m very pretty
(20)I had a hard time

Surfing is bad

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