Dizzling reasons for personal annual leave

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(1)The more you think it’s a tower of crazy old culture, the worse it gets
(2)Below is the story I actually went through
(3)I’ll use my annual leave next TuesdayIt was Monday. Team leader, what are you going to do
(4)It’s for personal reasons
(5)Team leader, you need to know what your personal situation is to approve it
(6)Why does the team leader need to know about my personal life
(7)Team leader needs a good reason to give him annual leave
(8)Yes, I’m just going to take a rest because I’m tired. Team leader, no
(9)Why can’t I open it
(10)Team leader, who’s not tired, who doesn’t know how to rest. It’s not like you’re living alone in the world
(11)You can use your annual leave for whatever reason
(12)Team leader, are you talking to me right now
(13)LOL. LOL
(14)Kkondae vs MZ_v
(15)an employee who writes “birthday party” for reasons for annual leave
(16)For enquiries, please call 68582 Recommendation 15
(17)Comment 281. Writing comments
(18)Hello, I don’t know what to do
(19)Who writes “birthday party” in the company annual leave column
(20)I’m in the HR department, and I saw someone who wrote “birthday party” for the reason of annual leave
(21)I asked him to write down what the reason was for his annual leave, and he asked me what a more clear reason wasSo I told them not to write this down next time
(22)I’d rather submit it annually for personal reasons If you use it like this, you wouldn’t know
(23)We talked about it in the group chat room and there were different reactions
(24)When I saw a friend who said I looked like an old man
(25)I think he’s an old mancrying
(26)I don’t think it’s that difficult to use it with the least courtesy, but I guess that’s not the case for the MZ generation these days……
(27)Beopaul OO 202206230636
(28)I wrote it clearly You have to write it down less clearly for personal reasons
(29)You can just tell me to write personal reasons first. I’m tired
(30)Stop being cajoled and just let me go, oldie. Just do it in moderation. LOL
(31)Bepple 20220623 1052
(32)I’m in my mid-30s, and the fact that I don’t give a reason for my annual leave
(33)No, it’s weird that I use it within my annual leave, and whatever I do, I want to know the reason for my annual leave
(34)Kkondae vs MZ_ver 2


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